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Services offered

* Airline tickets

Lesser agency s.r.o. supported by Reisebuero Lesser GmbH, Karlsruhe, Germany, was founded in 1994. As the first agency in the Czech Republic we have been equipped with hi-tech American reservation system SABRE since 1995.

Details and comparison with other global distribution system you may view here.

Thanks to this system and especially because of our agreements with all the airline companies offices in Prague and some in Vienna and Frankfurt air tickets issued by Lesser agency s.r.o. are always cheaper than those issued right in the airline companies branch offices. You will find the most remarkable differences in price with business class air tickets, it makes thousands of  CZK difference obviously depending on the desired destination.

Since January 1,2000, all the air tickets issued by Lesser agency s.r.o. have been insured by ╚SOB Poji╣╗ovna, a.s.

 * Confirmation of booked services

Air tickets, car and hotel reservations provided by Lesser agency s.r.o. and SABRE reservation system can be found on web sites.

 * Rent-a-car

We will provide car reservation for our clients in their desired destination. You can travel with a prepaid voucher to some countries. You can choose the type of the car right in the Lesser agency s.r.o. office from a catalogue.

 * Booking accommodation

In the SABRE reservation system there is the most diverse offer of  hotels, especially in the USA and Canada. You can pay in advance, before your departure,  for the accommodation service in some of  hotels from the TOP HOTELS reservation chain. With some countries you can choose a hotel right in the Lesser  agency s.r.o. office according to the catalogue.

  * Visa

Thanks to the Lesser  agency s.r.o. office location we can help Czech citizens obtain visa to the USA, eventually to other foreign countries.

 * Business trips

Our offer of  business trips has been designed individually for our business clients.

 We will arrange an air ticket, car rental service and accommodation for you.

Please, send us a written order and we will deliver all the required services right on your table. Once you become our regular customer you can pay by bank transfers.